Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Flower Arrangement is Past its Use By Date

It's a sad time when you have to take your flower arrangement down from display. Some people of the Way of Tea buried their flowers in thanks for the vibrant energy and pleasure they brought to their dwelling.

Whatever way you handle an aged arrangement, use it as a time for bringing yourself closer to, and feeling reverence toward the seasons.

Think of how the tree of the aged flowers you are disposing of has progressed to new green foliage! And think of the new flowers that have appeared on different plants in the last few days! What a joy it will be to go out and find them!

This brings to mind 「一去一来」a four character wall hanging given to me by the 16th Grandmaster Ueda Sokei. It reads: 'Ikkyo ichirai' or 'one recedes, another approaches'.

Is there any aspect of our lives that is not affected by the comings and goings of nature?

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