Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flowers for the everyday warlord

There's an abundance of flowers around us in Melbourne. So there’s every excuse to start making flowers part of your everyday life.

The samurai did, and they were tough katana-wielding warlords living every second with the fear of death. So there's nothing saying laptop-wielding business men facing business meetings are too macho for flowers.

Arranging flowers in the tea ceremony or 'cha-bana' 茶花)does not require extensiv

e, sophisticated knowledge. Follow the five points and advice taken from the book ‘Hibi goyudan naki you’ (日々ごゆだんなきよう) written by Ueda Sokei, the 16th Grandmaster of the Ueda Soko Tradition of Japanese Tea Ceremony, and bring the vitality of flowers into your home and office:

Appreciate the vitality of flowers

- You can appreciate the life force of things through a single flower -

Take a flower, and display it on the alcove. If you house doesn't have an alcove, select a significant spot in which to place flowers. You'll find that just by displaying flowers, the atmosphere of the room changes dramatically. As natural light filters inside and caresses the flowers, the flowers emanate the vibrancy of life itself. And with this life-force present, the room steeps in vibrant energy.
When arranging flowers, you don't need to get stuck in form and convention. All you need do is arrange one or two types of flowers according to your taste.
By following these basic points you’ll create beautiful arrangements:

  • Bunch the stems together, and place flowers in a vase as they would appear in nature
  • Lean the flowers to the front of the vase
  • Use a vase that is around the same height as the flowers
  • Flowers emanate vivacity if they have droplets of water on them as if morning dew (Do this by shaking a tea whisk dipped in water towards the flowers, or a pastry brush etc. will work, too)
  • Use good scissors that will make a clean cut when taking a flower. Also, endeavor to gather flowers in the mornings and place them in water straight away. If flowers can uptake water well, they will last in a fresh, vibrant state for longer. "

Just to prove this formula works, take a look at the few quick arrangements from the weekend included in this post.


効能 一輪の花で命のエネルギーを味わう




  • 根本をひとつにまとめ、自然に入れる
  • 少し前方に傾ける
  • 花の高さの目安は、高くても花入れと同寸くらいにする
  • 朝露を含んだように、葉っぱや花が水にぬれていると清々しい
  • 花を切るときは、切れ味のよいハサミを使い、出来るだけ朝早く取り、水揚げをする



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