Wednesday, October 16, 2013

24 Hour Tea Ceremony - Hardcore Tea & Zen while the nation lets the ponies run

4 - 5 November 2013
Location: Blenders Lane, off Franklin Street, Melbourne (beside the Dark Horse Experiment Gallery)
Time: 6pm 4th November - 6pm 5th November (Melbourne Cup Day)

Samurai Tea Master Adam Wojcinski and Zen monk Seikan Cech will conduct a 24 hour tea ceremony from 6pm Cup Eve, to 6pm Melbourne Cup Day, in the Graffiti Mecca of Melbourne, Blenders Lane.

In a cube with no walls, Adam will sit and serve tea and Seikan will sit in Zen meditation, non-stop, for 24 hours. They will be allowed toilet breaks but no food or talking.

Anyone can enter the cube and drink tea in this long-duration art piece. At any time a maximum of 2 people can enter the cube and drink tea that Adam prepares. Absolutely no talking in the cube. Photographer Ryo Yamauchi will document the entirety of the event.

Through this piece Adam and Seikan aim to communicate the mind of Zen and the mind of tea are one and the same. By inviting people into the cube, this long-duration artwork will examine and display the profound meaning in human interaction.

The people of Melbourne are welcome to Blenders Lane to give Adam and Seikan their support. Be one of the lucky ones to receive a bowl of tea in this world first event. Also donate to the Melbourne Zen Hospice. Admire how the mind of Zen, and the mind of Tea, fits beautifully with Melbourne’s cutting-edge graf.

There will be a celebration in Blenders Lane from 6pm Melbourne Cup Day November 5th, at the conclusion of the 24 hours.

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