Thursday, February 21, 2013

the moment

The other day fate dished out an encounter with Chinese Zen Teaist, Jenny Tai, all the way from Shanghai. Jenny is learning the Zen mind of Tea from a Chinese Zen master. As Jenny was serving us all Tea in a Zen inspired gongfu-style, I was captivated at the spirituality of her Tea. It was like taking a deep breath of crisp mountain air I've not tasted in years. After the gongfu session we all went to the beach, set up the CUBE, lit the billy and went for a swim in the ocean while waiting for the water of the billy to boil. Then while allowing the sunset to refresh our beings, I had the pleasure of serving Tea Samurai Tea-style.

At the end of the gongfu session Jenny was asked: 'What do you think is most important aspect of the Way of Tea?'. Jenny replied: 'The moment.'

Rid that which you don't need. The spirit of 'one moment, one encounter' is the spirit in which to conduct Tea. I was shown this at a very deep level through this unforgettable moment, this one encounter.


功夫茶会の最後に、「茶の道とはどういうところが最も大事ですか」と人に聞かれると、「the moment」とジェニーさん。


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  1. This is my first trip back to Australia after being away living in China for the past 5 years. And wow...this tea session on the beach has changed the way I feel about Australia. Everything is possible with tea apparently. (Or is it just Melbourne?)