Thursday, April 9, 2009

Propriety starts with breathing

- Generate a beautiful aura of balance and stability -

Breathing and chi form the basis of all propriety. All living creatures perform this action unconsciously - simply inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

But if we focus attention on our breathing we realise it is not just the action by which we intake oxygen: it is also the means by which the chi of the sky and earth enters our body.

The chi which we intake via breathing concentrates at a point below the navel called the solar plexus, or ‘chi point’.

When this point is filled with chi, both our mind and body become clear and fresh.

Beautiful conduct originates from a clear, fresh mind and body.

By bringing your breathing into harmony with your movement you’ll generate a beautiful aura of balance and stability.

Adapted from: 'Hibi go-yudan naki yō' by Iemoto Ueda Sōkei

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